Professional Lock Installation

Having lock professionally installed by a locksmith can be the difference between a thief being able to break-in to your home and your home being safe. Whether it is for residential or commercial use a properly installed lock is paramount to ensure that you are getting the most out of your security. No matter the level of security that the lock has, without proper installation that lock can easily be compromised. On our blog we documented one situation in which Pronto Locksmiths has fixed locks which were incorrectly installed on a residential door. Choose Pronto Locksmiths for your lock installation service and have your new lock installed properly the first time.

Commercial Lock Installation

Business owners desire that their locations be secure from burglars and thieves around the clock. This means that they have to be able to trust in the security that they have invested in. By knowing that you have had professional lock installation you can give yourself peace of mind, knowing that you are making the most out of your security budget. Choosing an unprofessional contractor can save you a small bit of money in the long run, but that is hardly worth the risk that a misaligned lock can pose for your commercial security. With only centimeters being the difference between a malfunctioning lock and a perfectly functioning lock, make sure to choose a true professional like Pronto Locksmiths for your lock installation service.

With such a vast knowledge of commercial lock products, the professional at Pronto Locksmiths is the perfect resource to turn to when determining which lock should be installed at your business’s location. Our locksmith will be able to determine which lock would best suit the budgetary, security and functional needs of your business. You can also count on Pronto Locksmiths to be able to provide you with unique lock solutions which other locksmiths do not have the knowledge to be able to provide. Pronto Locksmiths has no obligation price quotes; perfect for business owners who are curious what Pronto Locksmiths will be able to do for them.

Residential Lock Installation

Whether you are going to be out of your home for weeks, or just a few hours, all homeowners want to be able to rely on their home’s locks without any second thought. However, if you have a lock installed by an unprofessional contractor, you may want to reconsider how secure your home actually is. Just like with a commercial lock, mere centimeters can me the difference between a flawlessly working lock and a lock which is susceptible to break-in. By having Pronto Locksmiths, with over 15 years of professional experience, you can trust that your lock will be properly installed on the first service visit. In order to make your home more secure, our locksmith may recommend having deadbolt locks installed on your home, or having your current home locks re-keyed. Which services you decide to have completed for your home is up to you and our professional will be there every step of the way to explain exactly what is occurring with your lock installation service.

Overall, having a new, more advanced, lock installed on your home or business will allow you to have a more secure location. However, having that lock installed by a contractor, rather than a professional locksmith, can mean that you are not taking full advantage of that particular lock’s security functions. This is an obvious waste of your money as a customer, since you want to be able to maximize the security of any lock installation that occurs for your home or business. If you are unsure of which lock you may want installed at your home or business, call Pronto Locksmiths today and discuss your needs with our professional. Depending on your exact needs, our locksmith will provide you with the best plans to proceed and the locks which are right for you.

lock installation

Pronto Locksmiths had to drill new holes, which would allow for the lock to be properly aligned with the doorway. This was after the lock was installed by a contractor.