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Looking to upgrade the current security at your business? Or maybe you want to make accessing your business more convenient, both of these can be done through the commercial locksmith services offered by Pronto Locksmiths. With 15 years of serving the Southeast Queensland community Pronto Locksmiths has seen all of the ways that your security can get compromised. With a range of commercial locksmith services which spans from lock installation to total access control, Pronto Locksmiths has the perfect combination of services for any business, big or small. Speak with our professional today about receiving a price quote for your commercial locksmith service. Drawing on his years of experience and training, our professional will be able to come with unique commercial lock solutions that fit the exact needs of your business.

Commercial Locksmiths Services from Pronto Locksmiths include:

Whether your business is big or small you want to be able to access your business’s location as easily as possible for yourself, while still making it difficult for thieves who want to get in. Master key systems achieve just this. When a master key system is installed you are able to access all of the locks in your business with just one key, you can then also easily delegate specific access to your employees. This allows you to give front line employees the front door key to open up in the morning, while still keeping them from having access to sensitive areas of the business. Based on your location and your needs our professional commercial locksmith can customize a master key system for you.

Emergency service is available from Pronto Locksmiths 24/7, so when you are truly in need of commercial locksmith services, our technicians will be available. Whether it is to repair a lock after a break-in or to let you back into your shop after you are locked out, Pronto Locksmiths is here to assist your business 24/7. You do not want to have to trust the ability of your business to stay secure around the clock to a lonely contractor. By choosing Pronto Locksmiths you are getting a certified professional to assist you with emergency lock service.

Having the right locks installed at your business can make a world of a difference when it comes to preventing and deterring burglaries. Criminals who see well maintain commercial grade locks are lost less likely to strike, than if they are faced with a worn and deteriorating lock. Check with our locksmith about which deadbolt or knob lock may be right for your business’s location. Our locksmith comes to your location with a range of locks for you to choose from to have installed at your business and can work with you to choose the best fit for your needs and budget.

If you really want to take your commercial security to the next level speak to our locksmith about the high security options that are available for your business. Having the right control over who can and cannot access your business can mean all of the difference, especially when you can control this access remotely. Talk with our professional about the commercial locksmith services that are available for you.

When it comes to commercial security, the lock and key services from Pronto Locksmiths allow you to rest assured that your business is secure at all hours. If you do find yourself in need of emergency locksmith services, make the call to Pronto Locksmiths 24/7, and our locksmiths can come to your location with their average response time of just 40 minutes.

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