Master Key System

Locksmiths are not only here to assist you when you are in need of emergency services, but are also abler to help make your everyday life more convenient and access to your home and business as easy as possible. With over 15 years of professional experience Pronto Locksmiths has been doing this just about as long as anyone. Our locksmith can offer you a number of services which will help to make your access easier, but one of the most popular is the installation of a master key system. A master key system in a commercial or residential location can help the owner to keep convenient access for themselves while being able to easily delegate access to lower level users on the system.

Commercial Master Key System

A master key system can be an extremely effective way for a business owner to not only keep his business secure, but also make access easy for himself and employees. Pictured to the right you can see an example of a commercial master key system. In this example, the owner can access the safe, the back office, the front door and the bathroom. He or she would be able to do this with just one key; no more fussing with a large key ring. One level below the business owner are his managers. Inside of this master key system, the managers are able to access the back office, the front door and the bathroom all with just one key. However, the mid-level managers would not have a key that would be able to access the safe on location. Lastly, you have your lowest level access employees.
commercial master key system

                                                     This is an example of one very simple master key system.

You would be able to hand this low-level access employees a single key which could give them access to the employee bathroom. Obviously, depending on the size of the business, a master key system can get much more complex than the simple one listed above. The main idea being that not only can a business owner have one key to conveniently access his business, but he can also make access convenient for all of the other employees inside of the business. This is just one of our many commercial lock services which can make your access easier, while also increasing security.

Residential Master Key System

Master key systems may be used in a residential setting in order to keep certain areas of the home more secure, while still keeping access convenient. One example where a master key system may be used in a residence is if the homeowner has an office in the house. He or she may not want their children to be able to access that room, but still want to be able to provide their children with a key for the front door. After the master key system is put into place, the homeowner will be able to access all of the locks in that particular system with just one key, while also having the capability of completely controlling the access of other users in the system.

With over 15 years of experience completing locksmith services, our professional technician is more than ready to provide you with any lock or key system that you may need. There is no master key system which is too large, or too small, for Pronto Locksmiths to complete. Call today to discuss your options with our professional. His years of experience and training make him a great resource to answer any of your service questions. Whether it is for your home or your business, make Pronto Locksmiths your choice for completing the installation of a master key system. Pronto Locksmiths serves just about all of Southeast Queensland with professional locksmith services. Emergency services are available as well, call to request.