Ignition Repair

It use to be that getting an ignition repair or replacement was a task which required a towing trip and a visit to your local car dealership for repair. Not only was this process bothersome, but it was also expensive for the vehicle’s owner. Luckily, this is no longer necessary. A mobile locksmith, like Pronto Locksmiths, is able to come directly to your location with all of the tools, parts and knowledge needed to provide you with ignition repair. Due to the nature of the ignition mechanism, it is fairly common for failure to occur for a myriad of reasons. Which is a prime reason to choose an experienced professional for your ignition repair service.

With over 15 years of professional experience, Pronto Locksmiths has seen just about every lock and key issue that you could have. This is helpful to customers who need ignition repair service because they can trust that Pronto Locksmiths is going to be able to complete their repair no matter what the issue may be. Rather than attempting to diagnose the problem yourself, call Pronto Locksmiths who will be able to complete ignition repair and get your back out on the road again. In addition to our outstanding replacement car key services, our igntiion repair services can quickly get your vehicle quickly back out on the road. Whether it is the middle of the day, or middle of the night you can count on professional repair service being available from Pronto Locksmiths.

ignition repair

Pronto Locksmiths completes professional ignition repair services 24/7.

When a dealership completes an ignition service on your vehicle it is highly likely that they will not first attempt to repair your ignition, but simply replace the entire ignition. This passes down a larger bill to the customer since they must pay for the new ignition in addition to the labor and time that is required from the dealership. Add this charge on top of the towing trip that is required to simply get your vehicle to their location and you are facing quite the hefty bill for an ignition repair. By choosing Pronto Locksmiths to complete your ignition services for you, you are able to cut out a large portion of the dealership’s cost. Before replacing any ignition Pronto Locksmiths will attempt to repair the original ignition. If this is unsuccessful, then our locksmith will complete the necessary ignition replacement for you. In both circumstances you can be faced with a much smaller bill to get your vehicle back out on the road when compared to the cost of an auto dealership.

One of the most common areas for there to be functional problems with your ignition is the wafers inside of the ignition. These wafers are what gives your ignition a fit which is unique to your car key. When these wafers become damaged or misaligned it can cause your car key to not work, or can prevent you from inserting the key into the ignition at all. By changing the wafers or adjusting them to their initial working position, our locksmith can quickly have you back out on the road, without breaking the bank.

If you are unsure of why your vehicle will not start; whether it is a car key issue or an ignition issues, call Pronto Locksmiths to complete your repair service. Our locksmith comes directly to your location with all of the tools and parts necessary to provide you with the repair service. This can be a huge benefit for customers who would otherwise be faced with a towing charge simply to get their vehicle to the dealership to complete ignition repair. For all of the major make and model vehicles on the road today, you can count on Pronto Locksmiths to provide services for you when you are in need. Emergency services are available 24/7 so that we are able to assist customers whenever they may need ignition repair, not just during normal business hours. Pronto Locksmiths offers no obligation price quotes on all services, including automotive locksmith services, so call today to discuss the exact repair needs for your car key or ignition.