Car Key Programming

Not many years ago, your car key was hardly much different from the key that you would use to access your home’s locks. However, this changed during the mid-1990’s. The cars that were being produced starting in this period would have upgraded anti-theft systems which required car keys to add an entirely new level of security. This innovation is the transponder car key and is also the reason that you need correct car key programming before your car key will start the ignition. This meant that car keys not only had to be cut to match a vehicle’s ignition, but also programmed to the car’s computer.

Before transponder keys were used in cars, automotive theft was easier and car owners were much more susceptible than they are now. Hot-wiring and jiggler keys were common ways that thieves were able to steal cars, but with a transponder system in the vehicle, these methods are useless. The reason for this is that a computer chip in the key must correctly correspond to the car’s computer in order for the ignition to become active. In some cases, your vehicle may not start because of an interruption in the transponder connection. While in other cases, it may be necessary for ignition repair to be completed.

For mobile locksmiths, replacement car keys became a lot more difficult when transponder car keys became available. Locksmiths had to have the ability to both cut the key and program the key in order for it to be effective. Some locksmiths had difficulty with this change, but not Pronto Locksmiths. Pronto Locksmiths provides car key programming for a majority of the car keys that are being used today. Car key programming can be completed by Pronto Locksmiths for some of the newest vehicles on the road today. Call today to see if car key programming services are available for your specific year, make and model.

When is car key programming necessary?

There are a number of reasons that you may need car key programming to be completed. The first is if the battery in your car key has died. In some car keys if the battery has died once it has been replaced, car key programming must be completed for that same key to function again. If your car key becomes damaged, the key can lose communication with car’s computer. In some cases a car key programming may be necessary to get the car key working again, but in others a replacement car key must be made. Of course, anytime that you are having a new car key made, the key must be programmed. For some vehicles programming of duplicate or valet keys can be completed on-board, while others require special programming tools. To discuss the programming needs of your car key, call and speak with our professional today.

Pronto Locksmiths has all of the tools and training necessary to provide you with car key programming both in our office and at your car’s location. No longer is it possible to just have your car key cut to match the vehicle’s ignition, in a majority of vehicle manufactured in the past 20 years, the car key must also be programmed to the car’s computer in order for the ignition to start. To receive a price quote for your car key programming service, or have your questions answered, contact Pronto Locksmiths.